One of the main goals of the POP Learning Orchard is to demonstrate the wide variety of edible perennials that grow in our climate, with a focus on types that have proven productive using ecological orchard care strategies in Philadelphia, especially figs, paw paws, persimmons, and Asian pears. With a desire to share what we are exploring, learning, and paying attention to at the POP Learning Orchard we have created the POP Tree Finder.

A screenshot of the POP Learning Orchard Tree Finder. Drop into the details of POP’s design!

Tree Finder is way to explore the Learning Orchard both virtually and in person. You can search trees by name, year planted, difficulty level, harvest window, light requirements, or pollination requirements. With each tree and shrub, we provide cultivar descriptions (where known), pest and disease issues, and link resources for more information. As our orchard matures, we plan to update trees with harvest yields so check back on our progress!

Check it out here!

For instructions on how to navigate Tree Finder, click here.

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