Kaolin Clay Sprays for Fruit Trees

Kaolin clay sprays are an important organic orchard strategy used after petal fall to repel many types of pest insects and protect trees from sunburn and high temperatures.  Kaolin clay repels pests by making the fruit tree an unsuitable environment for certain insects to land, feed and lay eggs. The tiny clay particles serve to … Continue reading Kaolin Clay Sprays for Fruit Trees

Compost Tea Sprays for Orchards

Compost tea sprays are one of the best means to improve the health and productivity of orchard trees.  There are three primary application times: 1. Early spring applications of compost tea as a soil drench are used to boost orchard soil life and fertility, resulting in healthier, more resilient and productive fruit trees. 2. Foliar … Continue reading Compost Tea Sprays for Orchards

Dormant/Horticultural Oil Sprays

Dormant Oil, also known as Horticultural Oil, is an oil that is mixed with water and a solvent such as soap and is sprayed on fruit trees and berry bushes and help to control the overwintering eggs of insects. This insects include red mites, spidermites, scale insects, pear psylla, aphids, white flies and other soft … Continue reading Dormant/Horticultural Oil Sprays

Unwrapping Figs and Pomegranates and Winter Dieback

Spring is on the way!  In the garden, it’s time for seeding the first cool season crops.  In the orchard, it’s now safe to unwrap your figs, pomegranates, and other less hardy plants from their winter protection. WINTER DIEBACK.  For the second year in a row, we had a very harsh winter in terms of … Continue reading Unwrapping Figs and Pomegranates and Winter Dieback

Look To The Weeds For What You Need

As the earth & its creatures wake up around us this month, you will probably feel a corresponding surge of energy that’s inexplicable for any other reason than the coming of spring. To encourage that energy & assist in the transformation from spongy winter self to honed & toned summer self, many cultures traditionally detox … Continue reading Look To The Weeds For What You Need

POP Winter Newsletter 2015

“A neighborhood teenager who had never tasted an Asian pear-and insisted that he didn’t like pears-was blown away when he bit into a pear from our tree. This sense of discovery and joy is what the orchard is all about to us.” -Andy Jickling, Grumblethorpe Orchard We thank you for supporting our vision of a … Continue reading POP Winter Newsletter 2015

Orchard Report: Earth’s Keepers Farm – Winter 2015

Earth’s Keepers Urban Farm is under ice and snow right now, but when the weather warms up the corner of 51st and Kingsessing will be full of fruit, vegetables, and most importantly, community members.  The ¼ acre farm was started by community activist and educator Alia Walker and her partner Safiyah Abdul Latif after a … Continue reading Orchard Report: Earth’s Keepers Farm – Winter 2015

Fall Canning Recipes

Jams, jellies, preserves, conserves, fruit butters, sauces and more!  Canning is another great way to preserve fruit to enjoy throughout the year. . .   Intro to Canning Safety   Ensuring that the food you’re eating is free from things that will make you sick is extremely important. If you’re new to canning but have … Continue reading Fall Canning Recipes

Orchard Report: Teens 4 Good – Winter 2014

Teens 4 Good (T4G), a program developed and managed the Federation of Neighborhood Centers, has been addressing hunger and poor nutrition since 2005 by training inner city youth to reclaim their communities by transforming vacant forgotten spaces into sustainable urban farms, using sustainable agricultural growing methods to grow healthy food for our communities and  people in need. … Continue reading Orchard Report: Teens 4 Good – Winter 2014

POP Summer 2014 Newsletter

“People are always very surprised to see where fruit comes from and to see it growing on trees.  People were super excited about the apricots!” -Anna Paulk, SHARE Food Program Orchard   Thank you for helping us to expand community orchards in Philadelphia! Here are some highlights from our spring season and some of the … Continue reading POP Summer 2014 Newsletter