Protecting Fruit from Birds

Protecting your orchard from birds is no small task. They want your fruit just as much–if not more–than you, and city living means fewer edible plants to offer them nutrition. Cherries, blueberries, and grapes are their most common targets. We’re in the midst of cherry season and now is also the time to think about … Continue reading Protecting Fruit from Birds

Tent Caterpillars in Orchards

Emerging from a spider-web like tent of white silk and often seen on wild black cherry trees and those of apples, pears, plums and peaches, tent caterpillars are a common orchard pest that can defoliate entire trees in a growing season. Tent caterpillars, as they are commonly known, are members of a family of Lasiocampiadae moths who … Continue reading Tent Caterpillars in Orchards

Oriental Fruit Moth Alert!

  The first Oriental Fruit Moths of the year often appear on our peach trees in early May. Although it is also known as Peach Tip Moth, this pest also affects other stone and pome fruit, and it can cause significant injury to the crop. Oriental Fruit Moth (OFM), also known as Peach Tip Moth, have 4 -5 … Continue reading Oriental Fruit Moth Alert!