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Plant of The Month: Hawthorn

Hawthorns planted near 15th & Arch! Check out the leaf shape and fruit blossom end to help with identification. In December, POPHarvest’s last community gleaning… Read More

Fall Harvest Timing and Equipment

After years of cultivation and year-round attention to orchard maintenance, it may finally be time to harvest from your fruit trees! It is often quite simple to tell when fruits are… Read More

Growing Peaches from Seed

Ever eat a delicious fruit and wonder about planting the seed to grow a new tree? Although all of the common fruits are usually propagated… Read More

Intro to Wild Edibles

Dandelions, lambs-quarters, mustard greens, oh my!  WILD EDIBLES Widely abundant and highly nutritious, wild edible plants thrive with little human effort and are useful as… Read More