Fall 2020 Annual Appeal

Fall 2020 Annual Appeal

Fall 2020 Annual Appeal

Make a gift to contribute to the health of your community!

This year the board and staff of the Philadelphia Orchard Project reflected on our role in sustaining a healthy city and how we can live up to our values of learning, justice, permanence, regeneration, and beauty. We invite you to join us in looking to a future Philadelphia with locally-grown, culturally-relevant food, abundantly available in gardens, farms, and orchards that are tended to by families and neighbors, together in community. 

This June we launched the Growing Together campaign, highlighting and uplifting the work of our partners. We completed our Community Organizing Toolkit to empower our community partners and orchard caretakers in their work. We planted new orchards at the Wissahickon Environmental Center and Depaul USA.

In 2020, the Philadelphia Orchard Project (POP) and The Woodlands began a new partnership establishing the POP Learning Orchard at The Woodlands, a space designed for education, inspiration, and interaction with the environment. POP planted a one-acre demonstration orchard, containing fruit and nut trees, berry gardens, and pollinator gardens. The orchard contains both native and heirloom plants, serving to restore a small piece of the historic edible landscape of both William Hamilton and the earlier Lenni-Lenape land stewards. 

“It’s been an anchor of sanity… in times that have felt very uncertain, I have control — I can contribute to the health of my community in a small way every week.” For Lead Orchard Volunteer Sara Ray, pictured above with POP staff and volunteer at the Woodlands, community orchards have positively impacted their mental health, in addition to empowering more people to grow and harvest fresh organic produce.

Limited-edition gifts for donation are available (the prints may be mailed, the Orchard Baskets are for local pick-up only); details below.

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