Plant a Tree in Celebration

Plant a Tree in Celebration

Plant a Tree in Celebration

Plant a fruit tree in Philadelphia in honor or memory of a loved one!

$60 plants a fruit tree in Philadelphia that can provide a community with up to 100 pounds of fruit per year for decades to come! Give a gift that keeps giving back in honor of a life event like a wedding, birthday, promotion, holiday, graduation, or anniversary. A tree is a living tribute that beautifies the city, cleans the air and cools the streets, providing a healthier urban environment.

Due to the holistic nature of POP’s tree plantings and orchard care program, we are unable to specify where a tree will be planted for each dedication. We invite you to take a look at the map of where POP community orchards are located, and choose a location that feels meaningful to you.

You or your loved one will receive a certificate in recognition of the tree planting donation:


Send a check made payable to “Philadelphia Orchard Project” to:
Philadelphia Orchard Project
c/o The Woodlands
4000 Woodland Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Please include your contact info, the name of the person to be honored,
and a mailing address for where the certificate should be sent.

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