POP Orchard Partner Application

POP Orchard Partner Application

POP Orchard Partner Application


Every POP orchard is planted in collaboration with a community partner group. POP provides orchard design assistance, plant materials, help with event organizing, and training in orchard care. The community partner is responsible for all ongoing care of the orchard as well as distribution of the harvest.

Community groups interested in collaborating on an orchard should first submit a POP Community Partner Application.  This is followed by an evaluation and site visit conducted by POP staff.  The primary criteria for selection as a community partner are: access to land, capacity of the group to care for an orchard, safety and suitability of the site itself, and plans for distribution of the harvest.  POP generally requires that applicants hold long-term legal site access to the land (via ownership or a long-term lease).  In recognition of systemic inequity and racially discriminatory practices that have impacted the ability of certain populations to access land or capital, exceptions to this policy may be made.

Upon selection, POP will help guide the community partner through preparations for a planting. Costs of planting the orchard are shared between POP and its partners on a sliding scale.

NOTE: Because of high demand for POP’s services, our orchard partner selection process is increasingly competitive.  The process of evaluation, selection, and planting preparation generally takes at least 9 months and is outlined in the POP Partner Checklist.  Applications for fall plantings are due by January 15th and spring plantings by July 1st.

Interested groups should complete the application via this POP Community Partner Application form.  This form can also be downloaded and submitted via email to info@phillyorchards.org.  Any questions about the application or partnership process can be submitted to Executive Director Phil Forsyth at phil@phillyorchards.org or 215-724-1247.