Food Preservation Resources

Food Preservation Resources

Organization Description Type Audience
4H Getting Started in food_preservation Lessons & activities, available to download Children
Colonial Williamsburg Historical food preservation Lesson plan Children
Colorado State Extension Fruit drying guide Download of fact sheet Community
Utah Education Network Food preservation & microbiology basics Lesson plan Children
Kraft Consumer Response Center Questions on jams & jellies 1-877-535-5666 Resource for questions on jam-making Community
Oregon State Extension Drying Fruits & Vegetables Download with instructions, recipes Community
Penn State Ag Extension Processing fruits & vegetables Website link, or can contact them to receive 1 free printed copy Community (advanced)
University of Minnesota Extension Food preservation basics Narrated slide shows Community
USDA/ National Center for Home Preservation USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning, 2009 edition Booklet (download free, or can order print copy for $18) Community (gardeners)
USDA/ National Center for Home Preservation Steps in food preservation Videos, graphics, & slideshows Community (advanced)