2018 POP Winter Newsletter

“Many families, staff and volunteers were able to taste a fresh fig for the first time! They were all surprised at the difference between a fresh fig and a fig newton.” — Carolann Costa, Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House Happy Figuary!  We thank you for supporting our vision of a more beautiful, bountiful Philadelphia. Here are some … Continue reading 2018 POP Winter Newsletter

POP Summer Newsletter 2017

“Partnering with POP gave my students more than just the chance to plant trees; it provided us with experiential learning opportunities fostering skills for changing our communities while understanding proper plant care. Our classroom became orchards and gardens amid a sea of concrete; our materials morphed into natural resources and tools to shape them. Our curriculum was … Continue reading POP Summer Newsletter 2017

POP 2017 Winter Newsletter

“At first my volunteer group was hesitant, saying they had never heard of the fruit, but I think everyone there eventually tried the goumi berries, and this had an interesting effect. We began to talk about fruits we liked growing up, remembering what plants our families grew in their gardens, and sharing almost forgotten herbal … Continue reading POP 2017 Winter Newsletter

POP Newsletter: Summer 2016

“Knowing that I can return to an orchard twenty years from now and see a tree that I helped to plant is very gratifying!”  -Tony Dorman, Orchard Liaison Volunteer We thank you for supporting our vision of a more beautiful, bountiful Philadelphia! Here are some highlights from our spring season: Planted 32 new fruit trees, 244 … Continue reading POP Newsletter: Summer 2016

POP Newsletter Winter 2016

“The peach tree in the Sayre Garden is famous. This year it produced over 150 lbs of peaches, and Ms. Angie–our longest subscribed CSA member who also happens to have roots in Georgia–says they were the best peaches she has ever had.” –Miki Palchick, Sayre High School Orchard We thank you for supporting our vision … Continue reading POP Newsletter Winter 2016

POP Newsletter Summer 2015

“For Ms. Lisa, UTC staff and Pearl Street resident for practically her entire life, the orchard is a sanctuary. She can see it from her kitchen window, blooming in the spring and bearing fruit in the summer, and she wonders how she is so blessed to have an orchard in the city.” –Sue Witte, Urban … Continue reading POP Newsletter Summer 2015

POP Winter Newsletter 2015

“A neighborhood teenager who had never tasted an Asian pear-and insisted that he didn’t like pears-was blown away when he bit into a pear from our tree. This sense of discovery and joy is what the orchard is all about to us.” -Andy Jickling, Grumblethorpe Orchard We thank you for supporting our vision of a … Continue reading POP Winter Newsletter 2015

POP Summer 2014 Newsletter

“People are always very surprised to see where fruit comes from and to see it growing on trees.  People were super excited about the apricots!” -Anna Paulk, SHARE Food Program Orchard   Thank you for helping us to expand community orchards in Philadelphia! Here are some highlights from our spring season and some of the … Continue reading POP Summer 2014 Newsletter

POP Winter Newsletter 2014 & Workshops

“For most of those involved, this was the first time they had ever seen or tasted food grown right in front of their eyes and by their own hands.” -Vicki Mehl, Richard Allen Preparatory Charter School Orchard   Thanks for being friends and supporters of POP!  We hope you will take a moment to read … Continue reading POP Winter Newsletter 2014 & Workshops

2013 POP Summer Newsletter!

As always, we thank you for being a friend and supporter of POP.  We had another successful season of pruning, planting, and building towards our vision of fresh, community-grown fruit in every neighborhood in the city.  Please take a minute to read the story of our spring and consider a donation to help us build a beautiful, bountiful … Continue reading 2013 POP Summer Newsletter!