Learn more about our efforts to harvest and educate about abundant but overlooked city fruit.


The POPHarvest program, which first launched in 2014, currently consists of group gleaning or foraging— the harvest of abundant but lesser-known fruits, nuts, herbs, other edible and medicinal plants that grow in and around the city of Philadelphia. Past POPHarvest gleaning events resulted in the collection and sharing of hundreds of pounds of fruit including juneberries, mulberries and crabapples. We have also created resources focused on their care, preparation, and preservation. In previous years we have also harvested excess fruit from backyards and regional commercial orchards to distribute to emergency food services.

POP also builds partnerships with mission-aligned businesses to support our fruit-focused education campaigns, taking gleaned harvests and turning them into food products that showcase a diversity of uses for under-appreciated fruits! Please reach out to Orchard Director Michael Muehlbauer (michael@phillyorchards.org) if you have suggestions for gleaning opportunities.

If you’d like to help pick fruit with us, please join our POPHarvest google group. You can read the most recent program updates on POPHarvest and POPHarvestEd in this blog post.


The POPHarvestEd program was piloted in 2018 as a way to invite new voices and teachers to lead collaborative learning experiences focused on sharing cultural, culinary, and medicinal uses of lesser known fruits, nuts, and herbs widely available through POP’s orchards and the wider Philadelphia region. In this effort, we aim to provide a platform for more diverse expertise, traditions, experiences, and viewpoints concerning lesser known harvests and foodways in our region. We believe all people have something to learn and teach, and we celebrate the many ways people come to knowledge in their own unique experience and time.

POP sponsors teachers to complete ServSafe food safety certification; provides educator guidelines on sensitivity, inclusion, and communication; and pays for any physical materials and classroom space needed. Then, a community teacher, provided with a stipend by POP, hosts a workshop on the uses of a fruit, herb, or wild edible to harvest and prepare together.

If you’re interested in leading a POPHarvestEd workshop, please contact Education & Outreach Coordinator Corrie Spellman-Lopez (corrie@phillyorchards.org).

List of Potential Plants for 2021 POPHarvested Programs

Fruits & Nuts

Orchard Herbs & Weeds

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