POP is always looking for dedicated volunteers to help with ongoing support of community orchards. The best way to find out about these opportunities is to join POP’s Volunteer & Events email list via the link below. These email are sent out more frequently during POP’s most active seasons in the spring and fall, and will include information on all planting events, workshops, and orchard work days. Are you interested in fundraising, communications, and outreach? At times, POP may be in need of assistance with grant-writing or editing, researching and writing blog posts, identifying new funding sources, planning and carrying out non-planting events, or graphic design. Sign up for the Volunteer Email list to learn when such help may be needed!

Please note that most volunteer events can accommodate a maximum of 10-15 people and for many sites, the required number of volunteers is lower. Except in very limited circumstances, we are unable to work with groups of 15 or more people, and request that any corporate group that would like to schedule a volunteer work day with POP make a sliding-scale donation in support of our programs. Suggested contribution amounts range from $500 for a smaller group, up to $2,000 for a group of 15 people.

Should you not wish to join our email list, you can also visit the Events page to sign up for upcoming events.

POP sends out emails to the Newsletter list around 12 times per year. This list is perfect for catching up on seasonal workshops, recent blog posts, and major events and updates.

POP also manages two email lists via Google groups for those interested in more in-depth information on specific programs or topics (the frequency of emails can be adjusted by you following sign-up):

POP Community Agreements

POP staff and board have created community agreements to uplift our commitment to mutual care, respect, justice, humility, growth, and community building in the spaces in which we work collectively. POP encourages all POP partners and volunteers to uphold these values through the following:  

POP’s anti-harassment policy is shared as a reference here and POP’s Complaint Form may be used to document any incidents or misbehavior.