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Staff Directory

Phil Forsyth

Co-Executive Director

Phil has led POP’s orchard design and development since our first plantings in the spring of 2007. As Executive Director, he works with POP’s board and staff to design and plant orchards, coordinate volunteers, lead educational programs, write grants and organize fundraising activities. Phil has eighteen years of experience in urban farming, gardening, and landscaping. He holds a BS in Horticulture and Landscape Design from Colorado State University and a Certificate in Permaculture Design & Teaching from the Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute. Phil previously owned and operated an edible landscape design business in Philadelphia and also blogs on urban farming, edible landscaping, and food growing and has written articles for GRID, the Permaculture Activist, and Urban Farming magazine. In 2017, Phil received the first ever Mary Seton Corboy Award from the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

Michael Muehlbauer

Orchard Director

Michael Muehlbauer was hired as POP’s Orchard Director in January 2018 and brings together a background in sustainable and urban agriculture, edible landscaping, social permaculture, fine gardening, construction, engineering and experience gained from volunteering with a large number of organizations. In addition to his work with POP, Michael also currently farms with youth in Germantown while serving as the operations manager for Grumblethorpe historic house and gardens. Founder of Sustain-a-culture consulting and design, former co-owner of the sustainable and edible landscaping company Contemporary Homestead and core member of the Beacon Food Forest in Seattle, WA, Michael enjoys the practice of social farming and aims to bring community powered food forestry to public land in Philadelphia with the Fair-Amount Food Forest initiative. He began farming with F.H. King Students for Sustainable Agriculture in 2009 and worked as a research farmer in organic and no-till agricultural experiments for two years at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he received a Bachelor’s of Science in Agricultural and Biological Systems Engineering.

Alkebu-Lan Marcus

Orchard Director

Alkebu-Lan Marcus was hired as POP’s second Orchard Director in January 2020 after previously working with POP in Orchard Assistant and Apprentice positions.  He is a Philadelphia native, born and raised in West Philadelphia. Alkebu-Lan first got involved with food justice and urban farming in 2015 and previously served as farm director of Mill Creek Farm in West Philadelphia.  He has taught a variety of workshops on biochar and other soil building practices.  In his current role, Alkebu-Lan provides support and training to city orchards, with a focus on those in West Philadelphia.

A Woman with glasses and brown hair with flowers and clouds in the background

Kim Jordan

Co-Executive Director

Kim joined the POP staff as Development Director in January 2019, and became Co-Executive Director in October 2019. Kim moved to Philadelphia in 2004 to pursue a PhD in Immunology from the University of Pennsylvania, completing her dissertation on food-borne parasites in 2010. While in school Kim began volunteering with POP, and after planting and tending trees in many of Philadelphia’s neighborhoods, meeting inspiring community groups and growers, and falling in love with the city, she decided to call it home. She served on POP’s Board from 2009-2016, including terms as Board President and Treasurer, and most recently worked as Development Manager at Fairmount Park Conservancy. While at the Conservancy Kim worked with Get Healthy Philly and Philadelphia Parks & Recreation to launch We Walk PHL, free community-led walking groups in city parks. She appreciates the many opportunities the city offers to become civically engaged. Kim graduated from the Citizens Planning Institute in Fall 2017, was elected in May 2018 as a Democratic committee person in Philadelphia’s 31st Ward, and serves on the Fishtown Neighbors Association Beautification Committee.

Kristen Jas Vietty

Orchard Assistant

Kristen was hired as Interim Orchard Assistant in September 2020 after several years of volunteering with POP. Kristen has a background in visual art, music, and dance, and founded their company, Lunaria Gardens, in 2011. Previously providing permaculture design-build-maintenance, their business now operates an urban flower farm and event design studio. They also co-manage Ahimsa House Community Garden, and are looking forward to further fostering connections between people, plants, and food.

Bethany Bronkema

Education Intern

Bethany Bronkema is a junior at Swarthmore College majoring in Engineering with a minor in Environmental Studies, in her second year as Education Intern with POP. She is from Strasburg, Pennsylvania, a small town in Lancaster County. Because of this background, she has some experience in small-scale agriculture and loves being outdoors, especially while hiking or working in her garden. In 2019, Bethany worked with a team of student researchers to focus on pollinators, leading to the creation of new educational resources including lesson plan packs and blog posts. This year she has continued her contributions to POP's education programs with plant info sheets on bee balm, an ecology lesson on dragonflies, and a K-6 "green books" reading list for remote learning.

Ngoc Pham

Outreach & Communications Intern

Ngoc Pham is a senior majoring in Growth and Structures of Cities in Bryn Mawr College. Using an anthropological and ethnographical approach to urban study, she is exploring her interest in urban sustainability, urban livability, and urban design. In joining POP, Ngoc is looking forward to learning practical knowledge about urban ecosystems and the way urban communities strive for and benefit from green spaces.

Kermit O

Orchard Intern
Kermit has been involved in education for nearly two decades. Most recently, as a secondary science teacher, he focused on having students explore the local impacts of climate change by situating the threat within the proper historical context: redlining and urban heat islands over polar bears and ice caps. He still cares about the bears, though. Understanding how schools can reproduce oppression along multiple vectors, including race, gender, and class, has led Kermit to explore alternative formations. With POP he hopes to grow his knowledge of gardening and permaculture for use in designing land-based education and participatory action research programs — toward a praxis of justice, regeneration, and liberation.