Orchard Videos

Orchard Videos

Orchard Videos

In addition to offering hands-on workshops, online, and printed resources focused on orchard care, the POP team has been working on new video resources for some of the most important orchard care tasks. The nine-part video series below, on winter pruning, was published in early 2022, and is intended to complement the online and in-person workshops for POPCORE 1: Pruning and Eco-Orchard Care.

We will also be including more videos focused on orchard care throughout the seasons, as well as sharing some stories about POP’s volunteers, partners, and programs. Videos can also be found on POP’s YouTube channel: subscribe today so you don’t miss out on new releases! We also invite you to visit POP’s Resource page and blog for ecological orchard care tips, plant info sheets, school lesson plans, and more.

POPCORE 1 — Eco-Orchard Pruning

1. Why Pruning?

2. Orchard Tools & Equipment

3. Growth Habits & Tree Forms

4. What Your Tree is Trying to Tell You

5. Prune & Train

6. How to Make the First Move

7. Fruit Tree Parts & Function

8. How to Prune Grapes and other Woody Vines

9. Pruning Don’ts

POPCORE 2 — Eco-Orchard Pest & Disease

1. Thinning Fruit

2. Neem Oil Sprays

3. Fire Blight

POPCORE 3 — Eco-Orchard Harvest & Use

1. Hardy Almonds

2. Beach Plums with Nate Kleinman

3. Purple Perilla Natural Dye pH Experiment

4. Juneberry Joy

5. Stuffed Grape Leaves

6. Chicory Cold Brew

7. Pickled Green Plums

POP People

1. POP Learning Orchard and Nursery Update 2021

2. Community Partner Updates 2021

3. Purple Fig Award 2021

4. Golden Persimmon Award 2021